Amazon Fire Tablet Kids edition – REVIEW

So, back a couple of years I was going through Amazons reviews of the best kids toys. I run across their Fire Tablet.

I decided on this because I grew up playing video games and I thought tablets are on the way to replacing computers. I still feel computers are very important, but it just seems like tablets can do most of it.

So at the moment each one of my daughters owns a fire tablet, I find it very useful, from taking pictures, to practicing phonics. It sure can do it all.

The best things about this device is that you can have set a password to keep control of the apps that they have, keep control of the time that they spend in front of the screen and weather it is ok for them to use YouTube or not.

After owning this tablets for more than a year I can say they are made of great quality. Almost indestructible.

You can watch my video Amazon Fire Tablet review

Or buy yours on Amazon


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