Greetings in Spanish

Learning Spanish can be very useful for your travels. It will not just make your trip a lot easier but getting to know the culture and interacting with people will make it a lot more fun.

To me as a Spanish speaker it has always been fun to learn new things, getting married with a north American made my life a challenge that I was willing to take. Specially because I enjoy learning.

Si even if you don’t get it right the first time, the only way you can make it happen is with PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE.

So, here is a small guide to the Spanish you will need to start your trip.


Hola – Hello

Cómo está? – How are you?

Todo bien? – Is everything well?

Todo bien – Everything is well

Pura Vida – Pure life

Como va todo? – How is everything going?

Qué hay de nuevo? – What’s new?

Qué tal? – What’s up?

Bien, y usted? – Good, and you?

Bien – Good

Mal – Bad

Más o menos – So so…

Buenos días – Good morning

Buenas tardes – Good afternoon

Buenas noches – Good night

Mucho gusto – Nice to meet you

Nos vemos – See you later

Adiós – Goodbye

Hasta luego – See you later

Hasta mañana – See you tomorrow

So these are some greetings that can be very useful for your travels.

If you find this article useful and want to learn more about the Costa Rican Spanish click on this link.