Envision after party ideas

So you bought your ticket to Envision and you are ready to start packing for Costa Rica, and then you realize that you could spend some extra time checking out the country. After the party ends you will be ready to experience so much more of the country and if you have made it this far you probably will want to discover more of it’s nature and culture.

So here we have a couple of different ideas of what to do after the Envision Festival.

Check out other beaches

If you have enjoyed the heat, the surfing and you feel like you want more we recommend you to visit other popular beaches, this tend to be a little crowded, but some people really enjoy this kind of environments. Places like Jaco and Manuel Antonio are close by and are located on the way to San José. If you want to have a more of a tropical experience we recommend you to visit Cahuita or the Osa Peninsula. Some other great beaches are Coco beach and Tamarindo. Or secluded and quiet like Salinas Bay.

Cool off in the mountains

Some people love the heat, but others would rather feel comfortable all through the day. If you want to check out green scenic mountains we recommend you to visit the Irazu Volcano, which is the tallest volcano in Costa Rica, close by you will find the Orosi Valley which has a very picturesque landscape all around. Unlike the Arenal area this is not nearly as crowded. You can find a cultural encounter on a very friendly town. Most people don’t even know of the hot Springs available and the unique waterfalls this place has to offer. Some of this attractions include the Tapanti National Park and the Waterfall at Montesky.

Go camping.

Finding a good place where to relax and chill can be a decompressing experience. To be able to hear the nature and the breeze will give you a lot of peace and can make you feel a lot more in harmony. If you want to have a little more of a hosted experience we recommend you to go glamping, you can find a more about this in our article.

Envision decompression at Punta Mona

This is also organized by the same people behind Envision, it is described as a lace to ground and connect with nature, with the community and with your greater purpose on this planet. Experience an off the grid, regenerative way of living, located on the magical Caribbean coast!


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