The cool, scenic and frugal path to Envision

When flying to Costa Rica you will either arrive to the Guanacaste airport in Liberia or the San José airport, which is actually located in Alajuela. If you have time before Envision it is a good idea to check out the country side and discover other areas.

If you are deciding on renting a vehicle it can be the most convenient way to explore the country, specially to be able to reach remote locations.

So there is basically two different routes to get to the festival. One of this is through the pacific coast and the other route is through the higher mountains on the center of the country.

When driving to the coast you will have to go through numerous tolls, this road is basically a highway and once you reach the coast you will start to feel the heat.

On the other hand you can drive through the mountains with a very scenic view and wonderful landscapes, this route will direct you by Cartago. You can plan a couple of days here and take a look at the Irazu Volcano, Ujarraz Ruins, Orosi Hot Springs, Cachi Dam, Montesky and much more. Visit our Cartago page to learn more about this area.

After Cartago you will find San Gerardo de Dota. This is a great area for bird watching coffee tours and a relaxing atmosphere.

Subsequently you will be in San Isidro del General where you will find the Chirripo, which is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. The you will keep driving for 1 hour to get to Rancho la Merced in Puntarenas (Envision Festival)

Either way you choose for your trip make sure you enjoy your experience in the country and connect with the nature around you.


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