Answers to Spanish Questions

If you are wondering about the proper way to respond to questions in Spanish we have a post here for you.

We also invite you to visit previous post about Learning Spanish.

And if you have kids, we invite you to visit Educational Art, where we share recourses for the little ones in English and Spanish.

Here is the list of answers you can give to questions. We start we personal questions that can be ask on your travels and followed by other possible answers you might want to know.

Como te llamas? – What is your name?

Mi nombre es John – My name is John

De donde es? – Where do you come from?

Vengo de California – I come from California

Cuantos anos tiene? – How old are you?

Tengo 30 anos – I am 30 years old

Que es eso? – What is this?

Eso es un libro – That is a book

Porque no fuiste? – Why didn’t you go?

No fui porque me sentia cansado – I didn’t go because I felt tired

Donde esta la parada? – Where is the bus stop?

La parada esta a 100 metros – The bus stop is at 100 meters

Cuando vienes a Costa Rica? – When are you coming to Costa Rica?

Voy a Costa Rica la proxima semana – I’m going to Costa Rica next week.

Como viajas tan largo? – How do you travel so far?

Lo hago en un auto – I do it in a car

Quien viaja contigo? – Who travels with you?

Yo viajo con mi amigo – I travel with my friend.

Cual es tu playa favorita? – Which is your favorite beach?

Mi playa favorita es Manuel Antonio – My favorite beach is Manuel Antonio

Cuanto tiempo duro a San Jose – How long it takes to San Jose

Toma una hora – It takes one hour

Cuanto cuesta el desayuno? – How much is breakfast?

Cuesta 2500 colones – It costs 2500 colones

A quien puedo llamar? – To whom can I call

Puedes llamar a la recepcionista – You can call the receptionist

Tiene mas toallas? – Do you have more towels

Si, tengo suficiente – Yes, I have enough

Cuantos parques hay? – How many parks are there?

Hay cuatro parques – There is four parks.


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