Las Gradas Waterfall in Orosi

Some of the most beautiful places in Cartago are hidden jewels and this one is a wonderful attraction most are not aware of.

After a two hour hike you will find yourself in this outstanding place. We took this tour with a local guide from Orosi. The company Gatos on tours offer a wide variety of trails to explore with different types of difficulty.

Las gradas referring as the steps is located around the Rio Macho area, within the trail you’ll be able to spot birds depending on the time of the year. Be aware that too much noise can scare away the birds! Try to remain quiet

During the hike you’ll have to jump across rocks and walk through a few trails, you will pass a small hot spring pond where you can sit down and take a little break.

Then come across a couple of waterfalls.

Since this area borders the national park if you are lucky you’ll be able to spot wild animal such as Tapirs, pumas and others.

The tour to this beautiful spot ccosts $6 per person.

Remember to bring: comfortable shoes, snacks, swimming wear and water to drink.


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