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  • Envision Festival Review

    Many years ago I heard about the Envision Festival. It was described to me as a great place for meditation and transformation. Coming from a pirate hippie I figure it could be quite an experience. Plus, Uvita is my favorite beach in Costa Rica. After many years of reading about it and looking at images… Read more

  • Tropical Tubers of Costa Rica

    In Costa Rica we have a big variety of Tropical Tubers. They are not only a big part of the Tico diet, but it is also a great source of nutrients that grow naturally in the country. Although the use of some of this tubers has been lost due to globalization, there is places where… Read more

  • Dulce Factory at Las Vueltas

    Agriculture has played a very important role in Costa Rica’s history and continues to have a large impact on the everyday life of Ticos. One of the free attractions near the Orosi area where you can experience this is at the dulce factory, where you can observe the traditional process of producing and harvesting sugar… Read more

  • Montesky Waterfall in Cartago

    One of the most notable activities in the Cartago province is a visit to Monte Sky, a private nature reserve featuring an impressive 200 foot waterfall. Monte Sky is owned by Billy Montero, a friendly local gentleman who takes care of his property like a national park. Beautiful plants and breathtaking views are everywhere you… Read more

  • Tropical Fruits of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has a wide variety of Tropical Fruits. Some people enjoy traveling and tasting new foods, this foodies enjoy of the different flavors exotic fruits have to offer. For me there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables people need to try while visiting Costa Rica. Here it is a link to one… Read more

  • Costa Rica Slang Guide

    We hope this Guide to the Costa Rica Slang can help you understand costarican spanish a lot better. So you have decided to vacation in Costa Rica, first you need to be aware that Costaricans speak Spanish, but it is important to mention that Costarican schools offer English as one of the main subjects. Therefore… Read more