One of the more expensive yet thrilling experiences within driving distance of Orosi is paragliding or ”parapente” en Espanol. Paragliding is a tandem activity consisting of a pilot and a passenger who are securely attached to each other and to a large parachute. The flight begins when both individuals run down a hill (or off a cliff, if the terrain permits) until the parachute lifts them off the ground. Once aloft, the pilot uses his or her knowledge and experience of thermal currents to stay aloft, navigating the parachute and eventually landing safely back on the same hill from which the flight began.

To ensure safety, pilots are required to log many solo flights before being authorized to carry passengers. Paragliding is an exciting way to enjoy the sensation of flying like a bird without the dangers of skydiving since there is no free fall involved. While in the air, passengers are able to take photographs of the surrounding area. These can be quite amazing as the parachute reaches heights of several hundred feet, affording majestic panoramic views.

An Spanish language page at is very informative and explains more about paragliding in the Cartago province. It also provides contact details for three operators in the area, one of which has its own web site ( The paragliding tours start at La Pastora de Santa Cruz, a pasture located about 23 miles (just over an hour’s drive) northeast of Orosi and along the way to the Guayabo National Monument (8 miles further east) for those guests wishing to combine both activities in a day trip.

Expect to pay around $90 for a flight.

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