Costa Rica Rainfall

Using a Costa Rica Rainfall map can help you find the most comfortable areas around the country, the amount of rain can totally affect the landscape and give you a contrasting glance of the country.

Been located near the Ecuador, Costa Rica presents tropical weather conditions. Even though there is a pattern for tropical weather, the forecast can be totally unpredictable.

Weather you love the dry beach areas or you are looking for the lush rainforest vegetation. Our Rainfall map can give you an idea of your perfect destination.

This said, the variety of plants that you will find around the country will vary according with the micro climate of the area.

When it comes to the rainy season you will experience for the most part sunny mornings with rainy afternoons. Occasionally you might see rain for a couple of days straight, but these usually comes with a couple of sunny days afterwards.

So even tough is the rainy season you can enjoy must of the mornings with plenty of sun and cool off with the afternoon showers.

I invite you to take a look at our Weather Map to learn more about the average temperatures in each area.