Costa Rica Weather and Temperature Map

When is time to look at the average temperature in each area we recommend for you to take in consideration this weather map.

Costa Rica Weather and temperature map.

It is also good to consider that Costa Rica has changing weather year round and this map provides an average per area.

Weather in Costa Rica

The amount of microclimates that Costa Rica has to offer is very diverse. As any tropical country you’ll find a good amount of humidity, as well as lots of sunshine.

What is the best time of year to go to Costa Rica?

When you are considering your visit to Costa Rica you need to keep in mind the weather factor and how it affects the touristic activities that can be done during a specific time a year. Costa Rica has 2 weather seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

The dry season extends from December to April. I consider December the best time as far as weather, December gets very cold winds from the north hemisphere and has very low amounts of rain. Great for taking some sun at the beach with a nice breeze.

After that the country begins to get very hot and dry, depending in the area the water supply could be very limited causing a drought on the hottest parts of the country.

On the rainy season you will experience sunny hot mornings and very rainy afternoons. At times, depending on storms there might be days of continuous rain, followed by a couple days of sunshine. The upside of this season is that you will find the best prices on the market and have the best conditions for water rafting. It is also a big plus for people who want to look at the green, most plants thrive this time a year.