Escalada Cachi – Rock climbing and more

The Orosi area’s premier rock climbing destination, Escalada Cachi has more than twenty different routes offering varying degrees of difficulty, the most challenging of which reaches a height of around 100 meters. Admission includes unlimited climbing, equipment rental, and a dip afterwards in a pool fed by water from the nearby Rio Reventazon.

While the site has open availability from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m you must have a reservation to be able to get in. Access to the Company is only for 4×4 vehicles, if you bring a car you can leave it in the parking lot that is at the house of the company owners and walk approximately 800 meters.

Guests are advised to bring their own food for the day as there are no on-site restaurant facilities.

The payment of the tours includes the use of the pool, trail and grills If you just like to spend the day at the facilities without doing extreme activities, the entrance fee is ¢ 3,000 which includes the use of the path, pool, and ranch with grills. For all activities a reservation is required in advance, they must indicate the number of people and the date they want to come, generally a 50% deposit is requested to ensure space and make the reservation.

Escalada Cachi is located near the Cachi area, while visiting you should consider stopping by the Casa del Sonador coffee root carving studio since it is directly on the way from Orosi via Highway 224.

What’s available?

Camping Areas (They include the tent equipped with mattress, pillow and blanket) All camping areas are under roof and have a toilet, drinking water and a grill. (You have to enter the facilities before 3:00 pm, after this time the gate will be closed)

🏡 Rustic Cabin with capacity for 8 people or less. It has no electricity. (Properly equipped) it has a toilet, a stove for cooking, a bathroom and drinking water, it also has utensils that can be used for cooking (pots, plates, glasses)

🧗‍♀️ Rock Climbing It is a 100% natural stone wall, with 45 different routes, distributed in degrees of difficulty for both beginners, intermediate level and professionals. The height ranges from 11 meters to 60 meters. You can climb all year round, because even if it rains, the wall never gets wet. NO previous experience is required to take the tour. The payment of the climb includes the necessary complete equipment and guide.

🤸‍♂️ Canopy & Mega Rapell Both activities must be done together, because first the canopy is carried out on a cable that crosses the canyon of the reventazon river, passing at a height of just over 100mts above the river level, later it is reached a suspended platform at about 55 meters high and from there the descent is made in the mega rappel. (There must be a minimum of 2 people)

🏊‍♀️ Natural Spring Pool is NOT a conventional pool, it is a drinking water spring, completely separate from the river water. The water is cold but not extreme 👍 which is perfect for relaxing after climbing or taking advantage of sunny days.

Rapell This tour begins with a short walk to reach the high point where the descent of approximately 30 meters begins. It is done on a stone wall located next to a small cave and always with a wide view of the river and the vegetation of the place. (There must be a minimum of 4 people) this tour has nothing in common with the Mega Rapell.

🚶‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Trails, the route is small around the facilities, in it you can find birds and other animals that are in their natural environment, in addition the river borders the company so there are areas where you can sit or place a hammock and relax for a while and disconnect from everything.

☎ telephone 8610-9849 or 8867-8259 Come and enjoy nature and adrenaline in one place


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