Omega juicer review

When you are on the constantly working, it is hard to stop and prepare a meal from scratch, specially when you are under a strict healthy diet. There is nothing more refreshing than a shot of vitamins for your body.

So 8 years ago when I started researching about health, natural medicine and how to improve my lifestyle I came across different blogs that referred about raw diet and juicing benefits. I got to realized that what I needed in my life was a good source of nutrition and I decided this was going to come from good juices and smoothies.

It had been 8 years now since I bought my juicer and I feel like it has been one of the best kitchen appliances I ever bought. After all this time I only had to replace 2 parts. First the drum case wich broke after inserting carrots and extruding them backwards. Then after a long time I had to replace the blank for nut butter, apparently it does not turn date seeds into butter, so you have to be very careful of what you are putting in and make sure there is not any seeds.

Some of my favorite juices wich have great nutritional content are carrot, beetroot and apple, and if you are opting for a centrifugal juicer like the Omega J8006 you can also do harder things like wheat grass or coconut. The most cool thing about it is that you can also make nut butters, like peanut butter, almond butter. While doing this you can try adding moisture to it with dates or raisins, this makes the most delicious power balls. Keep them on the fridge for quick snacks, your kids will love them.

Another great use for this juicer is to make frozen desserts, just freeze up some fruit and run it through the blank extruder.

You can also use it to make pasta with the different tips that come with it.

I am really happy with this juicer and I totally recommend it!


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