Health Benefits of Distilled Water

Most people don’t realize the importance of clean water.

Our body has 60% of water. In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day. But, do you know how clean is your water?
The pollution is a problem that we face everyday, and this toxins can be very harmful for you and your little ones. Goverments treat the water, but unfortunately it can contain chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Which can affect tooth enamel and other organs of the body.
Distillation is different from filtering water. In distillation, the water is set to boil and the steam that generates is stored in the condensed tube which later gets converted into pure water. It is free of impurities and germs. The distilled water has ample benefits to health. This because of how pure ir is. On the other hand when drinking distilled water you need to be aware of supplementing minerals and vitamins, since this are also wipe out of the water cells.son my personal opinion I have been feeling great since I started drinking distilled water.

As far as the best water distiller there is many options on the market. I have been using the Life Basis distiller only takes 4 hours to have 4 liters of clean water. The first time you use it the water will have a funny taste. After a while it will start to taste a lot better.


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