San Rafael Park in Cartago

On your way to visit Volcan Irazu you’ll find the town of San Rafael de Oreamunu, situated just 2 km east of city of Cartago.  The central park in this town has this very tall pine trees and two small playgrounds for children.

Statue in memory of Braulio Carrillo.

In the middle of the park there is an important statue symbolizing the power of the people who fought alongside Braulio Carrillo for the freedom of the state during the 1830s and 1840s.  Carillo’s beliefs and efforts helped make Costa Rica an independent republic with a more stable government.

If visiting this park during Saturdays, you can also experience the local fruit market. The best of Cartago is that most of the produce comes from here, so you can find great deals and very fresh fruit and veggies.

On this video you can see our daugthers skating around this beautiful Park. Which I consider a great location for a social media moment.

Make sure to check out our Cartago map to see other things available in the area.


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