Dulce Factory at Las Vueltas

Agriculture has played a very important role in Costa Rica’s history and continues to have a large impact on the everyday life of Ticos.

One of the free attractions near the Orosi area where you can experience this is at the dulce factory, where you can observe the traditional process of producing and harvesting sugar cane. It is very entertaining and educational to witness how fire and water are used as part of this elemental labor.

The factory is over 100 years old and has been passed down in the family through the generations with few changes.

Dulce is a great tasting sweetener often used as a healthier and more nutritious organic substitute for sugar.  Ticos use it to make “agua dulce,” prepared by bringing water or milk to a boil and adding sugar cane.      Dulce is also used to make candy in many different forms, such as “sobao”.

In late October, the annual “pejibaye” fair is held, an event where people from all over the country travel to buy this nut and dishes cooked with it. Pejibaye tastes great and contains high levels of essential oils, two of which of could replace an entire meal. The nuts are cooked by boiling them in water until they are soft.  Ticos enjoy cutting them in half and eating them topped with mayonnaise, or using the meat as flour to make cookies and other dishes.

The dulce factory is in Las Vueltas, just beyond Tucurrique which is approximately 22 miles (36 km) from Orosi via a very scenic drive. The entire process of making dulce can be observed in about 45 minutes.

No formal admission is charged. However, you may find the experience of watching so worthwhile as to feel a small donation is warranted.



  1. I’m so interested to visit this place someday How I wish I have a chance to visit in Costa Rica someday thanks for this info!


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