Where to get organic meats in Costa Rica?

A lot of expats look Costa Rica as a country to retire in a very peaceful way, and most of them find a healthy lifestyle in this transition.

Finding all the tropical fruits and vegetables in the market might get you very excited. Then you start looking for your loved recipes to give you that homey feel.

Once you start looking for your protein you might realize that the quality of the butcheries around the corner might not be the best, and if you are all about organic meat it might be very discouraging.

Well, we are very glad to tell you that there are Ticos that believe in fresh organic meats!

Our daugther loves all the things you can get there!

Where can you find it?

Well, our favorite option is Don Fernando.

They have a couple of stores around the Central Valley, and all of them are really good.

My husband and I have visited the one in Escazu, Heredia and Tres Rios. This butchery is actually owned by Don Fernando and the farm and restaurants are managed by his daughters.

We love to support local products. One of the coolest things about this is that so Times they organize tours to the ranch, where you can see how the animals are raised in an adequate environment.

There you will find not just the best quality meats, but also great cuts that are hard to find in Costa Rica, such as filet mignon, T-bone, new york stake, bacon and much more.

The best thing about Don Fernando’s is that those fresh cuts of meat can be prepared to order right on the spot since they have restaurants right next to the meat market.

They also hold specials for the holidays, like turkey and ham. So you know this is the place to go for thanksgiving and Christmas. Although, make sure to put your order in advance, since the holidays are their busiest time a year.

And while talking about their prepared foods. I should mention that they also have stuff already made that you can grave and go, like: mash potatoes, salads, chicharrones, roast beef, and much more.

When we go there we always ask about the bone broth (sustancia) it is extremely recommended as it has a lot of nutritional value you don’t want to miss.

If you are the beef and potatoes kind of person you are going to fall in love with Don Fernando’s meats. As I have over the years of being a customer. Their staff is always friendly and ready to help. But be aware that most of them don’t speak English.

So I hope you find what you are looking for there. Sn and let me know how you like it.


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