14 Reasons why to move to the Orosi Valley

When deciding to live in Costa Rica there are certain factors you should consider and our recommendation to anybody we’ve met is to rent a place for two years, if then you have mold or accept the Pura Vida lifestyle then you can consider buying a house or farm.

Orosi is definitely my favorite Valley of Costa Rica. I grew up in Heredia, a beautiful city located 20 minutes north from San Jose and the lifestyle here can’t compare from what it used to be.

After looking for property all over the country my husband decided to relocate on this quite Valley. and has been living here for over 15 years now.

I still remember my first trip here and overlooking the valley with all the lush vegetation around it and thinking about how rustic it look. I felt in love right away.

Orosi has developed quite a lot since he moved here. But there still are a lot of really good reasons why to live here.

Cartago is not one of the most touristic cities, but it sure has a lot to offer most people are not even aware of.

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1. Weather, weather, weather.

It is certainly a very important thing. I know when you think about the tropics the first thing in your mind is the beach and the ocean. I consider the beach a great place to visit, but I rather live in comfortable weather.

Orosi has the luxury of being 74° year run, the dry season can have hot days and cold nights. During the wet season, you can discern morning showers and this has the tendency to stop in the afternoon or vice versa.

Sometimes the rain forest hauls a little sprinkle during the day. Those days you will find a rain jacket as enough protection from the elements.

You can consult our weather map or our precipitation map with more information about this.

I personally lived in different parts of the country and have experienced the best weather in the Orosi Valley.

2. Close to the food source.

One of the things I really apreciate about living here is the fact that a lot of my neighbors grow their own food, Cartago is an agricultural center and produces a big amount of food for the whole country.

One of the factors that make this happen is the fertility of the soil, coming from Volcanic soil it is among the most fertile in the world due to the distinct composition of the volcanic ash. Silica and oxygen take up the largest percentage of elements released in the event of a volcanic eruption as well as other nutrients such as phosphates, nitrates, potassium and calcium.

As a costarican I’ve notice a big difference on prices of food, Cartago has very good prices.

Paraiso has one of the best fruits markets you can possibly visit in Orosi, it is clean and has a wide variety of produce to choose from.

Check out our fruit poster to learn more about the tropical fruits of Costa Rica.

3. Thermal Hot Springs everywhere.

Yes! one of the things most people don’t know is that Orosi has multiple Thermal Hot Springs. Some of this are privately own and there is one on the side of the river, where depending on the time a day you might get robbed.

The public springs are found in the center of town, Balneario de aguas termales Orosi offers a great option for families or travelers on a budget.

In Orosi you can also find some more fine hot springs like the ones on Hotel Rio Perlas or in Hacienda Orosi, these two have restaurants on site with amazing options for dining.

4. Not very crowded.

If you are a big fan of the city well, the Orosi Valley is not for you. In this area you will notice that a big percentage of the citizens are seniors, the best of that is the truly nice tico scent that characterizes Oroseños.

The reality is that most bars are close by 9:00pm and after that time there is not much to do in town other that being at home with the family.

5. Great for nature lovers

One of my favorite things about this valley, is the nature. You can start your morning listening to the birds chirping. You can always take a walk to a waterfall or around the hills. Views are amazing all around. You can visit our 224 route map where you can see all the different attraction there are around the Valley.

Some of this you can actually enjoy for free.

6. Friendly small town

The truly tico scent is in every member of the community. Everybody knows each other and the best thing out of this, is how welcoming most neighbors are even if you can’t communicate with them.

7. Not far from San Jose.

The location is always important, being in a remote area can be very relaxing. But it is important to know that you can have easy access to anything that is necessary for you to be comfortable. San Jose is only 25 miles away. You can easily travel by bus or drive. Roads are perfect all the way and traffic is usually smooth.

8. Best coffee in Costa Rica.

Finca Cristina is a coffee plantation that grows a organic healthy coffee. We feel that it is one of the things that make the Orosi Valley the best place to be. Even if you decide not to relocate in this area you should give it a try.

9. Milk delivered to your door.

When I talked about the farmers I forgot to mention that there is a lot of cows outside of town. We personally have a great milkman that brings fresh milk out of a local cow every day. In Cartago you can find a lot of homemade cheeses that can vary a lot depending on the producer.

10. Very convenient bus schedule.

Most expats I know use the bus system. The Orosi service is very clean and has an extended schedule, buses run every 30 minutes from 4:30am to 10:00pm and on rush hour they offer buses every 15 minutes. This bus company makes sure to replace buses on a regular basis. Buses are very modern and clean.

11. Rare power and water outages.

A big deal about living in remote areas in Costa Rica can be power and water outages. Fortunately, we are so close to the source that this is not an issue. The power plant in Cachi is one of the main sources of power in Costa Rica, and we have a very big spring-fed lake that is one of the main sources of water for Cartago and San Jose.

12. Crime is very low.

When most people know each other it is easy to determinate the bad apples. Police in town is very friendly and very willing to help. The amount of crime has increased throughout the year, but when this is compared to other parts of the country you can see a big difference, the valley is very safe and do far it is not a problem for you to take a walk or go on hiking trails. Most problems reoccur in places that are very hard for the police to patrol.

13. Close to big brand groceries.

Here in town, there is a Pali (this is basically a small version of Walmart) and you can find more on the way to Cartago. From Orosi you can easily get to Walmart by bus or driving. Further on the way, you will find Pricesmart, which is a version of Sam’s club. Other chains like AMPM and Fresh Market can be found in Cartago. These are all options for those who search for those american products they need.

14. Great for children.

If you are looking for a safe area this is definitely a great place to raise children. Not only because crime is very low but also because this town is very kid friendly. There is numerous parks that you can visit with your little one or you can take them around to visit your neighbor farm animals. This is a very welcoming town and kids would find friends in no time.


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