Required traveler insurance to enter Costa Rica? what are the benefits?

For only $ 9.40 per day, a 45-year-old tourist can visit Costa Rica for 2 weeks, with the protection and support of the Costa Rican insurance company.
Option maintains five coverages, including medical and lodging expenses.
Foreigners can make the purchase online and the insurance is generated immediately.
A 45-year-old tourist who enters the country in the coming weeks and wants to enjoy Costa Rica for 14 days, can purchase a policy from the National Insurance Institute (INS), for only $ 9.40 dollars a day, including five coverages, among which stand out medical expenses, lodging expenses and without exclusions due to pandemic or epidemic.

For a person between 71 and 80 years old, who wants to vacation for two weeks in Costa Rica (average stay is 12.6 days), this insurance will represent an investment of $ 18 per day. In addition, if the policy is contracted for the family group, a 5% discount will be provided.

Starting this Friday, August 7, the INS will offer a new insurance option for travelers, which is already duly registered with the General Superintendency of Insurance (Sugese).

“We are committed to providing a second option to tourists with the sole objective of contributing to the reactivation of tourism and avoiding, as far as possible, the saturation of public health centers, and that is what we are doing. We are very pleased to offer this alternative with more accessible prices that we are sure will allow us to provide protection to hundreds of tourists, ”assured the Executive President of INS, Róger Arias.

This new INS Travel Insurance option includes coverage for medical expenses due to accident or acute illness up to $ 20,000, accommodation expenses, repatriation expenses for mortal remains and accidental death, as well as total or partial permanent disability due to accident, a coverage that few insured provide.

In the case of coverage for accommodation expenses provided by the INS policy, it is not limited to an extension of the trip when the reason is suspicion or contagion by covid-19, the coverage is broader also applying for official closure of borders or suspension of flights, all of the above directly related to a declaration of epidemic and / or pandemic disease.

Interested tourists can make the purchase online or quote on the website ; insurance is generated immediately.

The option announced on July 30 will also remain a possibility for tourists seeking greater coverage.


So what does this insurance cover?

Basic plan


The Institute will pay the insured amount when the Insured dies due to accidental causes.


The Institute will compensate the percentage of the insured sum corresponding to the degree of permanent disability in a single tract, based solely on the following concepts of loss of general capacity:


It is produced as consequence of an accident originated after the date of inclusion in this policy.
It corresponds to the irrecoverable loss of organic capacity of less than sixty seven percent (67%).

  • Total irrecoverable loss of sight in one eye.
  • Total irrecoverable loss of hearing or speech
  • Unilateral irrecoverable total loss of hearing
  • Total loss of use or separation of the forearm or hand
  • Total loss of use or separation of the leg from or below the knee
  • Total loss of use or separation of the thumb (both phalanges) and finger
  • index (three phalanges)
  • Total loss of use or separation of the thumb (both phalanges)
  • Total loss of use or separation of the thumb (a phalanx)
  • Total loss of use or separation of the index finger (three phalanges

It is the one that meets the following conditions:

Occurs as a result of an accident originating after the date of
inclusion in this policy, and that the Insured is declared incapacitated due to alteration or weakening of his physical or mental state, resulting in the loss of sixty-seven percent (67%) or more than their organic or functional capacity that prevents them from performing in their profession or daily activity.
However, the foregoing, the Institute will recognize as Total and Permanent Disability for Accident:

  • The disability produced by the complete and irrevocable loss of sight in both eyes.
  • The disability produced by the total and permanent loss, due to the amputation of both hands or both feet, or one hand and one foot together.
  • Total loss of use or separation of the arm from the shoulder
  • Total loss of use or separation of the leg from the hip

Damage other than those listed in the preceding points will not give rise to compensation.


The Institute undertakes to reimburse the expenses to whoever made the payment, upon presentation of the corresponding invoices, up to the insured sum contracted in the insurance offer, for expenses arising from the repatriation of the Insured’s mortal remains to their country of origin. origin, provided that your death occurs as a result of an accident covered by this policy.


The Institute will compensate the insured sum contracted in the insurance offer, in accordance with the costs of medical services incurred by the Insured, as a result of an accident or acute illness covered by this policy, which occurred during the period of validity of this policy, for the concepts described below:

a. Medical consultations originated by covered treatments, according to the general conditions of this policy, and surgical interventions.
b. Medical fees (surgeon, assistant and anesthetists) for surgical interventions, originated in treatments covered by this policy.
c. Stays, right of operating room, maintenance and treatment of the patient in the hospital or clinic.
d. Costs of laboratory analysis, X-ray studies, electrocardiography, encephalography or any other essential for the diagnosis or treatment of an acute illness or accident.
and. Transfer of the sick or injured person to the clinic or hospital, in case of emergencies due to an accident or acute illness.
F. Medications that are prescribed by the doctor, as well as blood and plasma transfusions.
g. Expenses for stay and breakfast of a companion, when the Insured is hospitalized.

Plus plan

Includes the basic plan coverages and the following additional coverage:


This coverage operates only in Costa Rican territory,
for foreign policyholders not resident in Costa Rica, as long as the events that originate under this coverage occur during the contracted term.
The Institute undertakes to reimburse the Insured’s accommodation expenses, upon presentation of the corresponding invoices, in the event that as a result of the declaration of an epidemic and / or pandemic disease, the Insured has to stay in the country for a longer period as defined in the initial travel itinerary.
This coverage operates maximum for the amount of $ 125 per day or its equivalent in colones, up to the limits stipulated in the Insurance Proposal and covers only accommodation expenses for the days not foreseen in the initial travel itinerary, originating from official border closure or suspension of the contracted international transportation or medical order for being a suspected case or carrier of a disease; directly related to a declaration of epidemic and / or pandemic disease.


  1. Ambulatory Care within the Provider Network in Costa Rica:
    The Insured has free medical choice, however, for the services provided in Costa Rica, the Insured may make use of the existing network of affiliated providers (clinics,
    doctors, laboratories, pharmacies) that provide health services to the Insured.
    The affiliated provider is in charge of collecting their fees from the Institute through the Medical Services Administrator in outpatient care performed through
    Medical pre-authorization, once the amount corresponding to the deductible has been assumed by the Insured.
    When medical attention is required as a result of an acute illness or accident covered by the policy, you must send an email to the address or through the toll-free line 800-MEDICAL (800-633-4225) or by calling the number telephone 2284-8500.
    The provider network can be consulted on the site
    The medical services of the provider network will be provided as long as they are available in said network, in case of an inability to provide the service, the insured may go to
    another medical provider and submit the invoices for the respective reimbursement.
  2. Ambulatory Care outside the Provider Network in Costa Rica and the rest of the world:
    If the Insured chooses to be cared for by a professional or medical center not affiliated with the Provider Network, they must submit to the Institute the invoices for the expenses incurred for the due
    reimbursement, which will be compensated according to the costs of medical services.


The Institute will not cover the Insured under this policy, losses or expenses incurred
produce or are aggravated by:

  1. Under all coverages:
    to. Acts of war declared or not; invasion of foreign enemy; internal war or events that could give rise to these situations of fact or law,
    terrorism; active participation in riots, strikes, popular riots.
    b. Nuclear or radioactive fusion or fission.
    c. Natural phenomena of a catastrophic nature due to their consequences, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, tremors, cyclones and the like.
  2. For Coverage, Accidental Death, Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to Accident, Repatriation of Mortal Remains and Medical Expenses due to Accident or Acute Illness:
    to. Consummation or attempted suicide.
    b. Those that occur as a pilot or passenger of a competing car or other vehicle.
    c. Those that occur as a mechanical pilot in flight or a member of the crew of an aircraft.
    d. While the Insured is under the influence of narcotics, drugs or alcoholic beverages.
    and. Accidents that occur while playing sports professionally.
  3. Coverage Medical Expenses for Accident or Acute Illness:
    to. Expenses for control, treatment and medicine in relation to the stabilization or regulation of a pre-existing, chronic or recurrent disease. The policy will not cover the need for treatment that was predictable prior to issuance of the policy.
    b. Cosmetic or beauty surgery interventions, except those that result from a traumatic injury covered by this policy and occurred during the term of the same.
    c. Expenses for medical checkups or preventive medical examinations.
    d. Childbirth and pregnancy complications, except if such complications originate from an accident or acute illness covered by this policy.
  4. Accommodation Expenses Coverage:
    to. Transportation expenses.
    b. Accommodation expenses within the period of the initial itinerary of the trip.


The Institute will pay the total of the benefits described in Clause VI. Coverages, point 4.
Medical expenses due to accident or acute illness, subject to a deductible of ten percent (10%) on the amount of covered expenses, with a minimum of ¢ 25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand colones) when the insurance is subscribed in colones or U $ 50 (fifty dollars), if subscribed in dollars, for accident or acute illness.
In the case of international transfers for the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the insured, he must assume a cost of $ 20 in addition to the deductible indicated in the previous paragraph.

Enter this site to get your insurance:



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