Mirador de Orosi

The Mirador de Orosi is a popular scenic overlook with amazing views of the Orosi River framed by mountains as it winds through valley below. A “must see” photo opportunity for those visiting the area, it is equipped with toilets, a playground, and barbecue facilities making it a popular picnic destination. The mirador is also of historic interest as the site of an important battle between Spanish conquistadors and the indigenous tribes who occupied the area.

Just 3 1/2 miles north of Hotel Reventazon and about 2 miles south of the nearby town of Paraiso, the Mirador de Orosi is close enough for hikers or cyclists to reach. For visitors without a rental car, it can also be accessed via a public bus (about $.90 USD each way) operating regularly both to and from Orosi which stops at the corner at which Hotel Reventazon is located. The overlook is free to enjoy but visitors will be asked to show their passports to the security guards who patrol the site to ensure safety.

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