Best kids activities in San José

If you are exploring Costa Rica with kids, we recommend that you visit places rich in culture and education.

  1. Kids museum: This museum is located in the north side of San Jose, near Barrio Amon. It has multiple sections for kids to experiment and learn about different subjects. They have rooms for the NASA, dinosaurs, airplanes, radio and communications, electricity and other subjects.
  2. Antigua Aduana: This building is located near the Train station. It is a very old structure has memories of the beginning of imported good that came through the rail road track from Limon. Occasionally, there are gatherings, cultural presentations or expositions.
  3. Morazan Park: This park is a vivid example of the Costarican folklore and a place for local artist to gather and spend time hooping or doing other arts and crafts. This park has many sit down and enjoy yourself and kids can have a little space to run around and explore.
  4. Simon Bolivia Zoo: It could be a little tricky to find, but once you are there you’ll see a wide variety of birds and animals. It is operated by volunteers and even though is government run the place seems to need a little more attention. Supporting this kind of business is very important for the animals that depend on that. 
  5. Sabana Park: This is the best place for you and your kids to relax and enjoy. I know downtown San Jose could be a little too much, but this park takes all those negative energies away. There are specific areas for certain sports, like skating, baseball, basketball, soccer and playgrounds for the little ones. You’ll see lots of kites on Sundays and it is a great place to make new Tico friends.
  6. Park of peace “Parque de la paz”: Just like the one above, there are lots of trees and fresh air, but this one has a lake on both sides of the highway. You can walk across the walking bridges and explore the whole park. There are plenty of benches, or you can take a picnic blanket.
  7. The Amusement Park: If your kids like amusement rides it is a great place for you to take your kids, there is a lot of different rides and there is also a section for little kids, which gives this place a wide variety of things to do for the whole family. There is also a food court, with fast food like Pizza hut and Taco bell, my recommendation is to get in early. This park is only open Saturday and Sunday or during holidays.
  8. Go Kart Race Track: Another activity which is #1 on Trip Advisor in Curridabat. It is a great activity for kids who enjoy of the adrenaline of racing. All their equipment is really professional and their staff is very attentive.

So, these are my favorite picks. I hope you get to explore each one of them and take a day to enjoy with your little ones, go out and live the “Pura Vida”


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