Envision Festival Review

Many years ago I heard about the Envision Festival. It was described to me as a great place for meditation and transformation. Coming from a pirate hippie I figure it could be quite an experience. Plus, Uvita is my favorite beach in Costa Rica. After many years of reading about it and looking at images on the internet my interest for it began to grow.

My husband has always been into the festival scene. And as a young couple with kids we figure it would be a cool experience for our kids.

So, looking online I had the impression of a family atmosphere. There was definitely a lot of families there, but it seem like the kids camp wasn’t providing enough for kids to do. It is definitely not a child care, so you need to keep in mind that you must keep an eye in your kids 24 seven to avoid any kind of problems.

Since the girls are very passionate about the beach, they totally enjoy the event. They enjoy dancing and meeting new people.

As far as the festival, it was quite a memory. There was plenty of stages to pick from with a variety of sounds. We personally think that it could have been better if there was a focus on one specific stage, having multiple sounds that interfere with each other kinda kills the buzz and we feel like it could be more focus on specific artists. Performing art is quite a culture, and we got to see many different acts. You can bring your own toys to play, during the party we realize that it could have been more fun if we had some glow sticks or led poi balls.

This definitely is a party environment for young people who want to have a good time. There is yoga classes and a very cool unique art gallery.

We were very lucky to have our tentstile tent during the event. Camping was totally fine as a family specially because we had everything we needed to be comfortable.

On the parking they have two options, one where you pay to park for the event and other where you can come in and out, we paid for this second option, but we really didn’t need it, as we had everything we needed with us.

There is multiple choices of food, some of this can be quite expensive but very very good, our favorite was the bagels they had available and for dinner we would get food at the taco joint.

At Envision you will get a better vision of natural art, I loved the natural structures and the sense of a more connected being. A big art community is what makes this event happen.

The toilets are clean everyday and there is a shower service you can pay for. Although the portable potties are not the most clean specially in late hours. I preferred using the ones on the exit which seam to be more clean.

Access to the beach is convenient and outside the event you can find a wide variety of local foods as well as a whole party at the bars located on the beach.

Before and After

So If you want to make sure you have a great time at Envision you should make sure you take a look at out Printable Uvita Map . If you are planning on being there before the party starts it is a great idea to visit the area, check out the National Park and enjoy of the many activities there is to do in Uvita. After the party there is a lot going on, you can look for after parties, yoga retreats or go traveling around Costa Rica. You can also find a cooler place to get away from the heat like Orosi in Cartago.

How to get there?

If you are planning your trip to Envision you should consider renting a car, this to make sure you have everything you need and also are able to visit other places while visiting Costa Rica. You can use this site below to compare prices and make the best decision regards your vehicle.


By Car

From San Jose

Drive west towards Puntarenas on route 27, after passing Orotina (57min drive) you will take the exit to Jaco. Then drive on route 34 for two hours and 30 minutes until you get to Rancho la Merced.

From Liberia

Take route 1 towards Puntarenas, drive for 1 hour and 50 minutes, after Barranca you will take the exit towards Caldera. Follow this highway for 18 miles and take the exit to Jaco. Then drive on route 34 for two hours and 30 minutes until you get to Rancho la Merced.

By bus

Take the bus San Isidro – San Jose at Tracopa (+506 2221-4214), this is located between Avenue 18 and 20 and Street 5 Downtown San Jose. This trip takes about 3 hours. Take a bus from San Isidro to get to Uvita.


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